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DisKovery with a K – EP3: PLT

Welcome to DisKovery With A K! We’re just rolling ahead with our second season. We’re already on episode 3!

This time we’re chatting about PLT! Not really a group, more like solo artists under Planetarium Records who occasionally collab.

Go watch the video to learn more about these really talented artists and let us know what you think! 

DisKovery with a K, Season 2, Episode 3

Tell us your favorite song, we’re curious. 

If you have an artist you’d like us to feature next, tell us in the comments. We’re always up to discovering new singers!

Essential Songs:

June – Serenade, Gas Station, Waltz ft Gaho
Moti – blue, Humble, Free The Mind ft Villain
Jinwoo – Grandfather, b side u, She Got Everything
Gaho – Stay here, Pink Walk, Preparation For A Journey, Fly
Villain – A Piece Of Work, Manitto, Rainy Night
KeiG. – Black Gold ft Moti, The Name That Hurts

as PLT:
All of them.

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