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2021 Summer Essentials

It’s that time of the year again, the temperature is rising and we need to get ready to protect our skin from damage caused by UVB and UVA rays. 

Last year, we made a full list of our favourite sunscreens and the importance of using them, so make sure to head on over to our article here.

This time we want to share our 2021 summer essentials. With this list we want to provide you with some very popular items and a few of our personal favourites, to keep your skin healthy and glowy while enjoying the heat of the summer and fun outdoor activities.

For the season I have personally adjusted my skincare routine and I have added a couple of extra steps to help my skin balance after hot days and excessive production of natural oil (sebum). So make sure to adapt your routine based on your needs and skin type.

Moisture is key

Like any other season, keeping our skin hydrated is key for any skincare routine. For the summer we want to work on getting all the nutrients inside and locked in, without having a heavy layer of product on our skin. 

To avoid this, many people (like myself) prefer to change their moisturiser to a lightweight one to help our pores breathe a bit more with the high temperatures. I have shared a few gel based and lightweight moisturisers before, but this time I want to talk about two that have caught my attention with the ingredient list. 

Dear, Klairs 

Belonging to its Fundamental line, the ‘Fundamental Water Gel Cream’ is probably one of my favourite items this summer, this moisturiser goes deep into the skin and gives that glowy and healthy look.

What I like the most about this item is how easily absorbable it is and how refreshing it feels on the skin. Its ingredient list includes many moisturising and also calming agents, including centella asiatica and green tea water.

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs


Isntree is one of those brands I really want to try. Its ‘Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Gel Cream’ keeps showing up on my feed. This one is said to include five types of hyaluronic acid and ingredients that are able to protect the skin and lock in all the essential nutrients.

In its description it is stated that its gel texture makes it easy to absorb and has a refreshing and cooling finish. This moisturiser looks perfect for the summer time.

Photo Credits: Isntree

Blocking UV rays

Sunscreen is another essential step in the AM skincare routine and its importance increases during the summer season. For the next few months we all want to work on re-applying sunscreen throughout the day and make sure that our skin stays protected from UVB and UVA rays.

COSRX’s ‘Aloe Soothing Sun Cream’ is one of my favourite sunscreens. It is lightweight and works perfectly for sensitive skin. Most mineral sunscreens have ingredients that will lead my skin to breakout but this one is one of the few that has really worked for my skin.

Photo Credits: COSRX

Dr. Jart’s ‘Every Sun Day Mineral Sunscreen’ and ‘Every Sun Day Sun Fluid’ are two products that keep getting recommended by many. The first one includes mineral filters that reflect UV rays with a waterproof formula, ideal for those going swimming. The second one works by absorbing the UV rays and transforming them into heat and then releasing them, while having an invisible finish.

Photo Credits: Dr. Jart

I am a fan of Dr. Jart products and for sure will get my hands onto these sunscreens.

Touch ups

For those on the go or if you’re going on holidays, cushions with SPF come as the holy grail for this season. I am already a fan of the BB cream cushions, but for the summer season they come in handy and are very practical to keep your skin looking good and also protected from UV rays.

We have a full feature about cushions and a few of our favourite ones, make sure to take a look at it. This year, Blanc Doux’s ‘The Lab Cushion’ has become a popular item, due to its hydrating formula including hyaluronic acid, however, this product comes only in two shades.

Photo Credits: Blanc Doux

Remember to stay hydrated, keep your chapstick and water bottle near you. Enjoy the summer and remember to look after your skin. 

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