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Brand Deep Dive: Dear, Klairs

This week we are sharing another brand deep dive, and this time we will be talking about ‘Dear, Klairs’ and their very interesting lines and products.

Dear, Klairs’ describes itself as a brand whose products contain only the necessary ingredients, working ethically to bring the best skincare items to consumers in an eco-friendly way. The company does not have a large range of products as other big companies in the industry. However, they have all the necessary items in the 10 step routine. 

The company prides itself for being cruelty free and vegan, and having a marvellous product range at reasonable prices. 

Currently they have eight product lines, all of them targeting different skin concerns. Let’s check out each of these lines:

Supple Preparation Line

As the name indicates, this line by ‘Dear, Klairs’ is the prep line for any skincare routine. It includes the Supple Preparation Facial Toner in its regular and unscented version, the Supple Preparation All Over Lotion, and the Supple Preparation Body Soap.

The Supple Preparation Facial Toner is one of the best selling items by this brand, this product helps balancing the skin’s pH level and helps the skin absorb the serum better, ampoules or any active ingredients part of the skincare routine. 

The Supple Preparation All Over Lotion, works as a moisturizer and has all the key ingredients of the toner under this line. This lotion is suitable for all skin types and its thin texture makes it easy for the skin to absorb. 

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

Last in this line is the Supple Preparation Body Soap, containing AHA exfoliating agents. This soap bar helps reduce the dead skin of the body while moisturizing with ingredients including natural oils and shea butter.

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

Blue Line

Dear, Klairs’ Blue Line includes the Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop, the Midnight Blue Calming Cream and the Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask. This line is described as the perfect one to keep the skin looking youthful, however, each product tackles a specific skin concern.

The Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask includes ingredients perfect to calm irritated and sensitive skin, making it perfect for people with an acne-prone skin-type. 

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

Next on the list is the Midnight Blue Youth Active Drop, this serum helps with aging skin by providing active ingredients that boost the natural production of collagen and improving skin elasticity. This product is perfect for any skin type, but it is mainly recommended for those looking for anti-aging serums. 

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

Finally in this line we have the Midnight Blue Calming Cream, similar to the sheet mask, this cream has ingredients such as centella asiatica that helps with hydration and irritation on the skin as well as regeneration of skin cells. 

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

Freshly Juiced Line

The Freshly Juiced Line from ‘Dear, Klairs’ is described as the ultimate brightening solution. The products under this line have a concentration of vitamin C and vitamin E, making it perfect for people with uneven skin tones that are looking to brighten their completion and get some vitamin booster in the skin. 

The first product is the Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask, and it can be used as a mask or daily moisturizer. The thin texture of this product makes it easy to absorb. The brand recommends this product for people trying to improve their skin texture and signs of aging. 

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

Next is the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop, the vitamin C concentration in this serum makes it perfect for brightening the skin and improving the texture and skin tone unevenness.

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

Rich Moist Soothing Line

As the name suggests, this line is all about getting your skin hydrated and healthy. The products in this line aim to restore the skin balance, and provide the skin with all the necessary nutrients to keep it moisturized.

The Rich Moist Soothing Serum is one well-known product in this line, ‘Dear, Klairs’ explains in its description that this serum helps soothe sensitive skin, as well as, calming and cooling it. 

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

The Rich Moist Soothing Cream is described as an all year moisturizer that helps to balance the skin, reduce the redness and improve the appearance of pores. This moisturizer is suitable for all skin types but it is recommended for sensitive skin. 

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

For the full range check out this link

Fundamental Line

Dear, Klairs’ fundamental line goes back to basics and provides the skin with the moisture in need for the day to day. This line offers a wide range of ingredients, however, its main principle is to keep the skin hydrated.

The Fundamental Water Gel Cream is one of my favourite moisturizers, it’s super light and easy to absorb. It also has some cooling effects perfect for hot summer days. Its formula includes Jeju Green Tea Water well-known for its calming and brightening effects. 

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

With Vitamins A and E, the Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter, absorbs quickly into the delicate eye skin area, helps improve fine lines and hydrates the skin.

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

One product that I am eager to test is the Fundamental Ampule Mist, this is a Green Tea Water based mist, and it is said to lock the moisture in the skin while providing hydration and nutrients to keep the skin healthy. 

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

This range also includes the Fundamental Watery Oil Drop and Awakening Gel. Make sure to check the ‘Dear, Klairs’ website to check them out. 

Daily Skin Care Line 

For this line, the company went for products that don’t just target the face but also the hands. I was quite surprised when I saw that ‘Dear, Klairs’ offered hand wash as part of the line, but after seeing its composition I can tell that they went for the ultimate customer care experience by providing the Daily Comfort Hand Wash in a scented and unscented version, that keeps the hands germ free and also moisturized. 

Other products in this line are the Softening Water and Hydrating Water, both toners designed to improve the skin’s pH level while providing the skin with active ingredients that tackle different concerns.

In the case of the Daily Skin Softening Water, it uses a small amount of AHAs to remove dead cells without irritating the skin and providing rich hydration with its cucumber water concentration.

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

The Daily Skin Hydrating Water, contains green tea water with calming and soothing effects, as well as, other natural extracts that will provide in-depth hydration in the skin. 

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

Gentle Black Cleansing Line

The Gentle Black Cleansing Line has quite a varied list of ingredients that tackle different skin concerns, but one thing they have in common is the color.

First off in this line is the Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish, containing black sugar as the name suggests. This facial scrub besides exfoliating also has moisturising and anti-aging agents. 

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

The Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil, is a lightweight cleanser that removes impurities while balancing the production of sebum in the skin. This product is the perfect first step for the skin care routine. 

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

With charcoal as one of its main ingredients the Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap, is a great cleanser for oily skin. This product helps eliminate dead skin cells and even out skin tone.

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

Special Care Line

The last line in ‘Dear, Klairs’ is the Youthful Glow Sugar Mask. This product claims to be an exfoliator, cleanser and nourishing mask that removes dead skin cell cells, while also removing impurities and providing hydration to the skin. 

By its description I am rather curious to try it out, because it looks like the holy grail in skincare.

Photo Credits: Dear, Klairs

For the full information about these products make sure to visit the ‘Dear, Klairs’ website

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