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[Review] LUCY – Gatcha!

LUCY is finally back with ‘Gatcha!’. Not long ago they released the single album ‘INSIDE‘, and we have been looking forward to more music by this very talented band under Mystic Story.

Their new release is titled ‘Gatcha!‘ and includes four new songs, co-written and co-composed by the members. Let’s dive into this release.


The title track ‘I Got U‘ starts off this release on a groovy note with a fantastic guitar riff and an EDM touch that I really liked. This song has all the qualities to become an anthem, and I can totally see a big crowd jamming to it. It was a fantastic choice as a title track for this release.

The music video is super cute, with party vibes and a youthful and super cool feel. I really liked how the sets are completely different but they all have stunning aesthetics. Watch it below.

We go onto soft pop with a touch of EDM in ‘One by One‘, the music arrangement in this track stands out with a fantastic beats and some very dope effects on the vocalization. The chorus is SMOOTH and I was very impressed with the mixing in this song. It is a ten out of ten.

Acoustics welcomes listeners in ‘Buddy‘, this song definitely leans more to the alternative side with its composition and vocals, the harmonizations were really cool and the instrumentals beautiful.

Finishing up this single album we get ‘Wonder‘ with a fairy tale like intro that transitions smoothly to a jazzy pop track. The vocals in this song are SO GOOD and the instrumentation TOP QUALITY. What an incredible way to close this very fun and fantastic release.

Make sure sure to keep an eye on LUCY, I am sure we will be listening more from this band and their amazing music.

You can find the new album by LUCY, ‘Gatcha!’ on Spotify here.

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