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[Review] COOING – Baby Flower

Korean singer-songwriter COOING is back with her first EP ‘Baby Flower’. Let’s dive right in!

Baby Flower

We start off with the track ‘Baby Flower’. The very pizzicato instrumentation is really fun and it’s been a while since I heard this sound, so I’m loving this. Her vocals are very light and airy and it’s a great combination. The string outro is super fun!

After that we get the title track ‘WoW!!!’. This track is a mix of hip-hop with the 808 beats and jazzy vocals and samples. It makes for a very interesting texture. The vocals are for me one of the highlights though. Her inflection in the chorus is to die for and makes it a total earworm. 

She released a one minute video for the title track, I’m not sure if this is the only video we’ll get for this track.

‘Rainy Day’ gives me life. There’s a stunning jazz piano line and her vocals are super velvety. This is a kind of song you hear in a small little jazz bar at god knows what time in a gray New York City. The track is fully in English, you can check out the lyrics here.

Next up

Next up is ‘Oh My Gosh’. The bass in this is really groovy. The layering in ‘Oh My Gosh’ is fun and I love the addition of the samples, brass and the small bits of autotune. Overall this one is a super fun listen.

The last track is ‘Flower Language’. This is such an interesting listen. The mixing is awesome. I had to re-listen to it a couple of times to focus on each part. It feels a bit like 80s pop and it’s a vibe. 

The EP ‘Baby Flower’ by COOING is a really great addition to her discography. It’s well balanced and shows her writing and composing skills. I’ll be anticipating her next release, because if she keeps it up, she’ll do great!

You can find the release on Spotify here.

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