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[Review] NCT 127 – Ay-Yo

NCT 127 is back with the repackage of their fourth album, ‘Ay-Yo‘ includes all the hits from the album ‘2 Baddies‘, and three new singles.

The title track ‘Ay-Yo‘ opens up this release with heavy hip-hop influence, a very interesting instrumental addition and the uniqueness that is very distinctive in NCT 127’s title tracks. For this single the rap line shines in its entirety, they absolutely deliver, and the vocal-line creates the momentum before each beat drop. The mix of Jungwoo’s and Doyoung’s vocals for the bridge was an unexpected surprise I really liked.

For the music video, NCT 127 went for a concept with plenty of flow and hip-hop vibes, with ‘Skyfall’-like moments in its cinematography, stunning beauty shots and even superpowers. Watch it below.

Funk comes along in ‘DJ‘, and this song delivers! The jazz elements, the harmonisations for the chorus and just the smoothness in the lyric delivery make this song a total vibe, and it just gets better with each ad-lib and high notes. What a piece!

Skyscraper‘ is the last new track included in this release, produced by Dem Jointz, this single is a total hip-hop anthem with a lot of swag, cool chanting, and the vocal line killing it with their melodic rapping. A total hype-song.

NCT 127 went a lot more urban and hip-hop based for this repackage ‘Ay-Yo’, and they deliver some pretty awesome tunes. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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