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[Review] 8TURN – 8TURNRISE

We have a brand new debut today with the boy group 8TURN and their debut mini-album ‘8TURNRISE’. This is MNH Entertainment’s first boy group and hosts the members Ji Myungho, Yang Minho, Jung Haemin, Moon Jaeyun, Cho Kyungmin, Lee Yungyu, Cho Yoonsung, and Lee Seungheon.


We start off with the track ‘WE’. The opening had me shook. I love a harmonisation moment and this is what they gave us and blended with rock elements. The bass is going completely bonkers in the back and it’s a total vibe. This really is an impressive start of the EP.

After that we get the title track ‘TIC TAC’. This is a really fun hip-hop track that has a couple of Latin influences. It has a really catchy hook and the vocals are impressive.

The video is hilarious and really well done.

‘WONDER’ brings R&B to the album. It’s a really fun track. I really dig the layering during the ’round and round’ part. It’s a very cool track.

Next up is ‘Say My Name’. We’ve got an 808 bass and some hella cool piano. What a fun moment! This is a total earworm! This song begs for a live performance where the entire crowd chants along. I love it.

Closing off we get ‘Heartache‘. It only seems appropriate that they end with a softer song. We’re going future pop with this one and some very cool synths. The track displays their lovely vocals and

Overall ‘8TURNRISE’ is a great debut album by 8TURN. I’m very curious to see where their music journey takes them.

Go ahead and listen to the album on Spotify here.

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