YOUNITE is back with new music in their sixth mini-album ‘ANOTHER‘. This new release includes five new singles crafted to show the unique charm of this group. Let’s dive into the music and check what they have prepared.


Kicking things off we get ‘How We Do‘ opening this release with a 2000’s hip-hop inspired track and fantastic rapping delivery. The bounce and style in this song is fantastic, and the members totally kill it with the harmonies and hype-up chants!

The title track ‘GEEKIN‘ follows and continues the hip-hop vibes but this time with the vocals line dominating with smooth singing and even melodic rapping. This single is definitely a vibe, its quirky style is fun and addictive to listen to. For the music video, the members not only show cool dance moves but also show a fun and laid back style mixed with the expected pristine visuals. Watch it below.

Poco Loco‘ comes up next to grab listener attentions with an unique mixing and beat arrangement. The build up in this song is super fun, and its hook very catchy, this full track is a total hype song and definitely our favourite b-side.

We go hype and modern with the hip-hop single ‘ONE+WON‘ and its sick sound, this single really commits with the genre and delivers a track packed in smooth delivery and a surprising mix.

Last in this mini is the single ‘OMH (Out My Head)‘ bringing along a house pop track that will have listeners wanting to hit the dance floor, this track is a total hyper pop bop that definitely captures YOUNITE fresh style and uniqueness.

YOUNITE’s sixth mini-album is a fun listen, with little musical surprises that will have more than one vibing to the songs. Listen to this release here.

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