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[OffStage] Dem Jointz

Have you ever wondered who is the producer behind the tag line “Incoming”? In today’s Offstage we are talking about the songs produced and written for the K-pop world by the one and only Dem Jointz. 

Dwayne Allen Abernathy Jr. (aka. Dem Jointz) is an American record producer, singer and songwriter. One of his first works dates back to 2005 when he produced music for the American artist Corey Clark. 

Since then he has produced a large amount of music by many artists, including big names such as Dr. Dre, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Eminem, and many more.

Into K-pop

Dem Jointz’ first work for the Korean music industry was for the SM Entertainment group Red Velvet. In their 2015 EP ‘The Red’ he arranged and composed the single ‘Don’t U Wait No More’. Back in this year he used ‘Dem Jointz’ mixed with the known ‘Incoming’ as his tag lines.

In 2016 he worked on EXO’s album ‘EX’ACT’, where he co-produced the single ‘Cloud 9’.

In 2017, he once again worked for SM doing the arrangement for NCT 127’s hit song ‘Cherry Bomb’. The following year he produced the tracks ‘Something New’ by Taeyeon and ‘Taste’ by Red Velvet. 

After a year break from the K-pop industry, he continued on working with SM in the 2019 EP ‘Obsession’ by EXO. For this release he produced the title track ‘Obsession’ and co-composed and arranged the groovy single ‘Ya Ya Ya’.

Recent Works

In 2020, Dem Jointz produced many of SM group hits of the year, including Super Junior’s single ‘2YA2YAO!’ and NCT 127’s ‘Kick It’ and ‘Punch’, among others. 

Dem Jointz’ 2021 started with him co-producing Shinee’s single ‘Don’t Call Me’ and co-composing NCT 127’s Japanese release ‘Right Now’ for the album ‘Loveholic’. This year he also co-produced NCT 127’s hit song ‘Sticker’, and NCT 2021 single ‘Universe (Let’s Play Ball)’. 

His latest work in the K-pop industry are the 2022 singles ‘Step Back’ by the SM project group GOT the beat, ‘TANK’ by JYP Entertainment latest girl group NMIXX, ‘Arcade’ by NCT DREAM, and BTS’ single ‘RUN BTS’ co-produced by him. 

For more of his works make sure to keep an eye on his Instagram. He is working with BTS’ J-Hope for his new solo album, and we cannot wait to check this release. 

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