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[Review] Xdinary Heroes – Troubleshooting

The boys from Xdinary Heroes released their first full-length album ‘Troubleshooting’ today and we’re super stoked because these boys don’t miss!


‘No Matter’ opens this album on a powerful note with a bit of a groove! I really enjoyed the chorus and the overall vibe. The build up to the bridge was also dope as hell.

Next up is the title track ‘Little Things’. This is bringing back early 2000s angst with its pop punk vibe. I really like the overall progression of the track and the cool outro.

‘UNDEFINED’ comes up next. We’re going hard rock with this one with a deep bass and really intense layering. This is super cool and I couldn’t get enough of it!

‘PAINT IT’ brings back the energy of Xdinary Heroes we’re familiar with from previous albums. It’s playful, clever and super fun to listen to. I also liked this track description: “I convey my ambition to cover the world with my own unique colors.”

Next up is ‘Money on My Mind’. We’re going for a traditional rock sound here and the guitars here are so cool! The chorus hits hard and begs to sing along to while you’re driving on the highway in a truck somewhere in Texas. What a moment!

‘Dreaming Girl’ contains the story of “A monologue by a girl who takes steps towards the future she dreamed of, but gets broken and falls, gets hurt and feels smaller. It’s a song of comfort to such a girl.” This is lovely and an emotional listen.

After that comes ‘until the end of time’. We’re getting piano in this one and it creates a lovely rock ballad that speaks of the finiteness of time we can spend together. It’s undoubtedly going to tug your heartstrings, the vocals here are really well done and really have you go through the motions.

‘Walking to the moon’ brings the groove back. The electric guitars are shredding in the backing track, accompanied by a bit of a theatre piano and some funky samples. I really enjoyed the overall production of this track and when the background vocals came in, I was already sold.

‘MONEYBALL’ goes hard from the very first second. This is absolutely killer! We’re going almost a bit metal here. It’s wild, has an insane progression and is just beyond cool! What a track!

The closing track is ‘Night of Fireworks’. We’re mixing rock with House here and it’s a really cool track to end the album with. It’s filled with a melancholy that feels aptly portrayed.

Overall Xdinary Heroes did a fantastic job with ‘Troubleshooting’. This is a great first full-length album and definitely deserves a place in their discography. Check it out here on Spotify.

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