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[Review] NCT 127 – 2 Baddies

NCT 127 just dropped their fourth album ‘2 Baddies‘. They released the music video for their title track yesterday and had NCTzens hyping up this track for the last 24 hours.

Expectations are high, as a biased NCTzen myself, I know they will deliver as always. Let’s listen to the music and check what they have prepared!

2 Baddies

Faster‘ kicks off this album and what a dope start. The bass is this track is absolutely killer and the rapping amazing. The distorted backing vocals are super cool, and the full package just sets listeners in the right mood for what coming.

We go onto the title track ‘2 Baddies‘ hyping up listeners from start to end. With powerful synth and bass this song is A VIBE! Doyoung’s and Taeil’s part are rather short but they make every second worth it. They really go off and I loved it. Jaehyun’s rapping verses for this track are sharp, fast and sexy. This title track is super lit.

The music video as the song goes off NCT 127 style. Expect over the top but cool aesthetics, plenty of exposed torsos, intense camera staring and a sick choreography. I was particularly fond of Taeyong’s style for this music video, and Jaehyun’s and Jungwoo’s dramatic rain scene for the bridge. Watch it below, and leave which was your favourite part in the comments.

Alternative R&B welcomes listeners in ‘Time Lapse‘, and this song is A RIDE. The composition, mixing and layering of this track are intense and amazing. There is a lot to take in but it is a listening experience. The harmonies as usual are out of this world, and the vocal line eats up this entire song. AMAZING.

Crash Landing‘ brings a hip-hop/R&B arrangement with a lot of style. This song brings out NCT 127’s charm, stunning vocalisation but also hype with the rap line’s chanting and rapping.

Designer‘ starts with a lovely instrumental line that gives a soft touch to this single. The vocals and rap delivery in this track are trendy and fun, and the little tempo change super cool.

Neo Culture Technology

With a minimalistic arrangement the R&B ballad ‘Gold Dust‘ takes over. This song is rich in vocals. Haechan’s and Yuta’s parts stood out for me. Their tone was soft and mellow, and the cherry on top is Jungwoo’s part in the outro.

Black Clouds‘ takes over and carries in it the very familiar and heart warming NCT 127 pop/ballad style. This track shows the NCT 127 chill side with its vibe and sound. A warm hug to NCTzens.

Playful melodies and cool beats are present in ‘Playback‘. The bass in this track and its style are chill. I really liked the sudden changes of speed, and how the vocal style changed with it. ‘Tasty‘ changes thing up with its hip-hop and EDM arrangement. I am always in for the vocal line stepping in and rapping, and we get that in this single. Just get ready to get hyped up with this track.

Things get groovy with ‘Vitamin‘, and this one starts with a little narration by Johnny. This single also brings 90s vibes with its flow and the addition of trumpets was such an amazing touch. The hook is beyond catchy, in a couple of words a SOLID B-side.

Next up

LOL (Laugh-Out-Loud)‘ plays with a lovely mix of funky instrumentals and plenty of harmonisations. The ad-libs in this song are amazing, and my personal favourite section is the bridge, that killer note at the end, absolutely flawless.

We reach the end of this album with ‘1,2,7 (Time Stops)‘, the groove is real in this song. Yuta’s verse is nothing but SMOOTH, and the contrast of the harmonies with Taeyong’s and Mark’s part is dope and fun.

NCT 127 once again delivered with this album ‘2 Baddies’. There are plenty of moods and sound, in this solid listen. You can listen to ‘2 Baddies’ here.

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