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[Review] Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?

For this week’s drama review we are talking about a feel good drama with a candid story, easy-going characters, and good coffee. Let’s talk about the 2021 production ‘Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?’.

Directed by No Jung-Wook and written by Huh Young-Man, Lee Ho-Joon and No Jung-Wook, ‘Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?’ is based on the webtoon with the same. 

With just twelve episodes, this drama centers on the life of Kang Ko-Bi (Ong Seung-Wu) and the café owner Park Seok (Park Ho-San). Ko-Bi decides to ask the coffee master Park Seok to mentor him after he has one of the coffee made by him. 

Ko-Bi set his mind on becoming Park Seok’s apprentice at 2Dae Coffee, and even though the latter one refuses at first, the energy and great talking skills of the former, makes him give Ko-Bi a shot as his pupil. 

Many Stories, One Place

Throughout this drama we see Ko-Bi adjusting to his new job and learning the art of making coffee. Along his way he meets many individuals that are customers in the café and have certain peculiarities he learns to handle over time.

At the same time, the coffee master Park Seok, embraces Ko-Bi’s personality and tries to bring out the best of his as a person by giving him a different perspective in life. The relationship mentor-mentee shines in this drama and they both complement each other’s personalities and work ethics. 

A feel good story

An aspect that makes this drama stand out is the effortless and laidback story. There aren’t major plot twists but rather a lot of moments that touch upon different topics of life. This drama focused on showing a little bit of the life of the people who visited the coffee shop and each one of them left a valuable lesson to the master and apprentice. 

When it comes to the cinematography this drama focuses a lot on warm tones, making it very welcoming and easy to watch. The simplicity of it is what makes it special, and for sure it is a production that coffee lovers would like.

This drama is now available on Netflix. Make sure to watch the trailer below. 

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