Photo credits: COMPANYSOOSOO

D.O. Unveils Playful Charm in New Solo Single ‘Popcorn’

EXO’s D.O. has returned with a delightful surprise for fans: his latest solo single, “Popcorn.” This track offers a tantalising preview of what’s to come in his upcoming mini-album, and let me tell you, it’s got us all buzzing with excitement.

“Popcorn” is a pure pop gem that perfectly showcases D.O.’s unparalleled charm and powerhouse vocals. In the accompanying music video, we get to see a whole new side of him – one that’s candid, playful, and utterly endearing. Kudos to the production team behind this MV, because they’ve truly outdone themselves. From the vibrant colours to the impeccable aesthetic, every frame is a visual treat that enhances the song’s irresistible charm. Watch it below.

We are looking forward for D.O.’s upcoming mini-album, in the meanwhile, listen to this absolute bop here.

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