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[Review] The KingDom – REALIZE

The KingDom (formerly known as KINGDOM) is back the their new mini-album ‘REALIZE‘. They are starting a brand new era with a new name and a different concept, their previous releases had us totally mesmerised with the storytelling and beautiful visuals.

We are very intrigued to see what direction the will take from this release on. Let’s have a closer to the music in this release.


The title track ‘Flip that Coin‘ opens up this release on a hype note with trendy beats and a solid mix of vocals and singing. The hook in this song is very catchy, and its tempo changes fantastic, they really keep the hype up throughout the full track. For the music video this group moves away from the Kings concept to a more modern look with cool visuals and a serious hip-hop vibe. However, they are starting a brand new story and by the looks of it we will be getting The KingDom as rebels. Check it below.

ENERGY‘ takes over and keeps the energies up in a track that mixes Hip-Hop with EDM, and creates a fantastic listening experience. The vocal line totally delivers in this song, adding a very interesting contract to the tempo and style in this single.

Summer vibes get real in ‘RusHush‘, the bounce and tempo in this single had us totally vibing to it, and its arrangement is not only very refreshing but also unique and fun.

An electric guitar riff opens up ‘GUNDAM‘, and with this single we continue with the seasonal vibes, the EDM tempo, beat drops and full composition are on the edgy but cooler side, definitely a fun listen. ‘BEST THING‘ comes up next with a pop/EDM sound and cute lyrics, this single is for the fans that love great vocals, harmonies and lovey-dovey vibes.

We reach the end of this EP with ‘Together‘, a lovely pop-ballad full of emotions and great melodic rapping. The balance between the rap and vocal line was fantastic in this song, the perfect end for the start of a new era.

The KingDom is back with full power, ‘REALIZE’ is a solid EP with great variety of music, make sure to listen to this release here.

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