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[Review] KINGDOM – History Of Kingdom: Part I. Arthur

GF Entertainment debuted their new idol group KINGDOM. Consisting of Dann, Arthur, Mujin, Louis, Ivan, Jahan and Chiwoo, this group debuted with the mini-album ‘History Of Kingdom: Part I. Arthur‘.

KINGDOM’s concept looks majestic and extra fancy, each member represents a King in history, and I am looking forward to see where they’ll take this concept. For now, let’s dive into the music.

History Of Kingdom: Part I. Arthur

Majestic Departure‘ starts off this mini-album and transports listeners to a parallel universe. This instrumental intro is dramatic, stunning, and I dig how theatrical and movie-like it is. It fits their concept to perfection.

In an extremely smooth and almost imperceivable transition, the title track ‘Excalibur‘ begins. The vocals in this song and the rapping are super cool and powerful. There isn’t a single minute to assimilate everything happening in this song. It is suprise after surprise, at an almost overwhelming level, but somehow they make it work.

The music video goes off as hard as the song does, the effects are amazing and sets mind-blowing. This MV is an incredible production that feels like a movie basically, watch it in HD because the details in it are stunning.

We get time to breathe and chill with ‘Night Air‘ going more to the pop-ballad side, the harmonizations in this track are smooth and make it an easy and sweet listen. Very much needed after the first two tracks.

Picasso‘ is next and follows the same vibe as its predecessor, however, its upbeat tempo and flow makes it a fun and very lively. The piano acoustics were a nice addition and overall make this song very enjoyable.

Emotional vibes take over in ‘X‘, this track has a fantastic music arrangement and I really like the smooth vibe in it, the vocal are soft and flow flawlessly throughout this entire track.

Last in this mini-album, is the acoustic version of ‘Night Air‘, and the instrumental version of ‘Excalibur‘.

Final thoughts

Overall, this debut EP was an interesting listen and totally sparked my interest in this rookie group. I am looking forward to see where they will take their concept and the music that’ll go along with it.

Unfortunately, this mini-album is not available in Spotify yet, however, you can listen to it here link.

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