Photo credits: Lee Seol Ah

[Indie Pick] Lee Seol Ah

The Korean indie singer-songwriter Lee Seol Ah is our latest choice for our Indie Pick.

Lee Seol Ah started her career by winning the 24th Yoo Jae-Ha competition. After that she joined the survival show K-pop Star 4. She gained some attention because of her original song ‘Life as a mom’ that is utterly heartbreaking to listen to.

After that, Lee Seol Ah released a couple of OSTs before officially debuting with the single ‘Somewhere’. She wrote, composed and arranged the single herself.

She released her first EP in 2016 with all writing, composing and arranging credits. 

There’s a two year gap between her last release in 2016 ‘Talking To Dawn’ and her 2018 release ‘Just Stay’. 


However in 2019 Lee released two mini-albums; ‘Unsaid, Pt 1’ and ‘Unsaid, Pt 2’. The album introduction is all about words you can’t say because they’re stuck in your throat and you end up fighting yourself over them.

‘Not my fault’ is from ‘Unsaid, Pt 1’.

Here’s her live performance of ‘Secret Diary’ from the first part as well.

I really recommend listening to the Piano version of ‘Just Stay’ on the second part of ‘Unsaid’. It’s beautiful.

Also check out this funky single ‘SMMM’ she released in 2020.

The music video is beyond stunning!!

Now, to be completely honest with you, I’d heard a song of Lee Seol Ah here and there, but I’d never really looked into her more. That is, until she released her latest EP ‘Empty World’ which I featured here. I’ve been beyond obsessed with this EP, because of its captivating melodies. 

The opening motive of ‘Wonder Road’ had me sit up immediately to pay more attention. The entire song feels like a fever dream every time I listen to it and I’m utterly in love. 

Go ahead and check out the Korean indie singer Lee Seol Ah out on Spotify and on Instagram

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.