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[Review] Kwon Jin Ah – The Way For Us

Korean’s songbird Kwon Jin Ah is back with her new EP ‘The Way For Us’. I’ve been impatiently waiting for this one because Kwon Jin Ah always delivers quality songs that never grow old. For this EP she took up the mantle of producer as well, so everything is self-written and self-produced. We stan. Each song is supposed to represent a short story.

The Way For Us

We start off with the track ‘The Way For Us’ which is surprisingly not the title track despite the EP having the same title. According to Kwon Jin Ah, this song is meant to represent the idea of ‘freedom’ and though we don’t have a lot of that nowadays with the whole COVID situation, being yourself despite everything is a way of freedom regardless. I really dig this track. It feels uplifting and the instrumentation is stunning. It’s giving me a little country vibe.

Next up is the title track ‘Good Bye’. This is the break-up ballad we all need in our lives even if we’re single pringles. Kwon Jin Ah’s vocal tone in this is amazing. There’s an interesting play with silence and layering. 

‘Flower Heart’ follows that up with some brilliant harmonizations. I love the simplicity of the instrumentation because it gives the entire stage to the vocals. Well, simple until the strings come in. The snaps give the song a steady rhythm and makes it more dynamic. The bridge could murder me and I’d say thank you. 

After that we get ‘You Already Have’. We get a story of unrequited love and despair. This song is so, so good. I would love to hear this live in a lounge setting with a live orchestra. I think this is one of those songs that you love so much you hold it in the palm of your hand like a little baby bird. 

Next up is ‘Pretend to be’ which has the only featured artist on the EP; George. This song asks the question if pretending and hiding your emotions makes you an adult. George’s feature is so soft and lovely. I really enjoyed this collab. 

‘The Dreamer’ is the last song on the EP. This track is such a lovely way to close this release. It feels uplifting and I’m in love with the layering. It’s just stunning. The way the song ends feels a bit unresolved but it begs for a relisten of the entire EP.

Kwon Jin Ah really proved herself again with ‘The Way For Us’. I’m utterly in love with it and I’ll be replaying this for a while. Go ahead and check out the EP on Spotify here. If you want to read about her previous release, click here.

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