Photo Credits: GF Entertainment

MV Rec: KINGDOM – Excalibur

Rookie group KINGDOM debuted with a music video that looks like a movie. Let’s talk about their debut single ‘Excalibur’.

Medieval meets modern in this production, the KINGDOM universe opens its door to fans with this MV. Battles, power and even a cavalry is present in this music video and it’s nothing but stunning.

Each individual shot is centered in the role of each member of the group, each one of them represents a King of the olden times, but for ‘Excalibur’ they all serve King Arthur.

The scenes in this MV have artistic dance brakes, as well as breathtaking scenery that makes this music video feel like a film.

The transitions and effects in this music video are stunning and complement the outfits and makeup aesthetics of the members to perfection. The armour looked incredible and the last shot on the throne is just powerful.

The outro showing the next king to be featured has many thinking about what’s next for this group, it was a nice touch that has fans intrigued.

KINGDOM definitely debuted with a unique concept and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this group.

Check out the MV below. 

Kathleen Herrera
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