Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

MV Rec: NCT – Golden Age

In this installment of our music video recommendations, we are diving into the visual spectacle that is NCT 2023’s ‘Golden Age.’ Bringing together all twenty members, this comeback unfolds as a captivating story accompanied by a beautiful song.

The music video seamlessly transitions between different sets, each tailored to complement the distinct vibes of the song’s various sections. The rap-line takes center stage in an angsty, run-down setting, creating a visual representation of the raw energy in their verses. Meanwhile, the vocal line finds themselves in more dramatic and softer visuals, enhancing the emotional depth of their singing.

One of the music video’s highlights lies in the narrative thread that binds the different units together. As the members embark on their individual journeys, the storyline beautifully converges, revealing the discovery of a key that unites them all. This symbolic element adds a layer of depth to the visual experience, leaving fans both enthralled and immersed in the unfolding narrative.

Enjoy the mesmerising visuals and seamless storytelling of ‘Golden Age‘ below.

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