Photo Credits: HYBE LABELS

[OffStage] Choi Yumi

In this edition of OffStage, we delve into the captivating world of Choi Yumi, a stylist whose journey from assistant to industry luminary is nothing short of inspiring.

The Early Beginnings

Choi Yumi embarked on her career in the entertainment industry in 2008, where she cut her teeth working with acclaimed acts like SHINee and the iconic BIGBANG (Source: British Vogue). Since then, she has steadily climbed the ranks, establishing herself as a versatile stylist, creative force, and adept casting agent.

Highlighting Her Works

Among Choi Yumi’s most notable achievements are her collaborations with HYBE LABELS, where her creative prowess shines through. On her Instagram, she graciously shares glimpses of her work and the captivating concepts she brings to life.

Choi Yumi’s trajectory took a significant leap following her role as style director and stylist for NewJeans in 2022. Her visionary approach and fresh concepts for the group garnered international acclaim, catapulting her name onto the global stage. 

As the groups she collaborates with continue to rise in prominence, Choi Yumi’s reputation for her distinctive vision only continues to grow. Stay tuned for her upcoming projects by following her on Instagram, where her creative journey unfolds.