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[Review] TVXQ! – 20&2

TVXQ! is back with their latest album ’20&2′. This is to celebrate their twentieth anniversary. LEt’s dive in!


We start off with the track ‘Down’. We’re starting off strong with sexy R&B and according to the album description “the fierce thirst for love and the desperate yearning for the other person.” I really enjoyed this track. The instrumental break is a VIBE and the chorus is pretty sick as well.

‘Rebel’ is the title track and is such an interesting listen. This dance track takes inspo from Drum and Base and goes hard. I do wish however that there had been a bridge.

Next up is ‘Rodeo’ which is a Hip-Hop and R&B track with a few Western style guitars thrown in. It’s a cool track and honestly pretty dope!

‘Jungle’ is such a cool track! The opening had me paying attention and the layering is well done and groovy. I’m obsessed with the vocals in the bridge.

The following track causes major musical whiplash with a retro sound in ‘Life’s A Dance’. I’m totally digging the brass and the doo-wop vibe. I’m honestly dying to see the choreo for this.

‘Fix It’ is a U-Know solo track featuring DINDIN. We’re going for a synth retro moment in this one. The disco vibes are real and it’s fun as hell. It’s so catchy and the groove will have you shaking and bouncing around.

‘Take My Breath Away’ is the solo by Changmin. We’re sticking with R&B for this one with very cool crunchy guitars in the instrumentals and gospel backing vocals. It’s a lovely moment. Literally give me this live with a gospel choir and I would feel alive.

Next up is ‘Promise’. We’re going for soft pop with dreamy synths and electronic drums. The layering is super nice and the vocals are soft and warm.

After that comes the unplugged version of ‘The Way U Are’. This was a track on their 2004 album ‘Tri-Angle’.

The closing track is the ballad ‘Starlight’ which is a song written for the fans as a thank you.

You can listen to ‘2072’ by TVXQ! on Spotify here.

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