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Label Deep Dive: AOMG

In this week’s Label Deep Dive, we are talking about a well-known agency with an incredible artist line-up. This time we are talking about AOMG.

Above Ordinary Music Group (aka. AOMG) was founded by rapper and singer Jay Park in 2013. This agency has become a representative label for hip-hop and R&B artists in South Korea. It was born from a B-Boying group initiative in Seattle, USA, where Jay Park and producer Cha Cha Malone took part. 

The first artist officially recruited by the agency was singer-songwriter and producer Gray, his mini-album ‘Call Me Gray’ was the first release of this label. 

Soon after ELO and Loco also joined the AOMG team, and were joined in the following years by Simon Dominic, Ugly Duck, Hoody, DJ Pumkin and DJ Wegun. 

From 2017 to 2020, Woo Won-jae, Code Kunst, Punchnello, DeVita, Lee Hi and producer Goosebumps were recruited into the agency, and as you know these well-known names are elites in the R&B and Hip-Hop industry. 

The AOMG crew has been very active participants as producers in the well-known survival show ‘Show Me The Money’. However, in 2019 the crew created their own “survival” show ‘Sign Here’, from this project they signed Sogumm. 

Recent recruits

Over the last two years, the team grew even bigger when GOT7 member Yugyeom and rapper Coogie signed under this label.

To find out more about this agency and its artists, make sure to head over to their page, and follow them on Instagram for the latest updates about their artist. 

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