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[Offstage] Code Kunst

We’re back with a new Offstage, this time we’re writing about the crazy talented Code Kunst. 

Code Kunst is a producer and composer under AOMG and he keeps releasing amazing music for both himself and others. At first he was signed under HIGHGRND, until he made the switch to AOMG in 2018.

He started his career in 2013 with his single ‘LEMONADE’ featuring Blnk-Time.

Pretty much from the beginning he was able to collab with fantastic, well-known artists like C Jamm, Don Mills and Nucksal. 

The album that set off his career more into the mainstream is of course ‘Muggles Mansion’. If you’re curious about the meaning of the album title, go and check out his mini-documentary.

There are so many amazing songs on that album, so I really do recommend a full listen. However, I think one of my most favorite songs is the one with Ohhyuk and Dok2. 

Also this one because the intro is everything.

Then there’s also his 2020 album ‘PEOPLE’ that just went above and beyond my expectations. Literally every song has its own charm and brilliance. So if you have some time, a long bus ride or a car drive, let this one play from start to end. 


Now as I wrote in the intro, he doesn’t just produce songs for himself. Code Kunst has 188 composing credits on Melon. He’s been busy these past couple of years. 

He’s composed songs for DPR Live, C Jamm, Tablo, Lee Hi, JUSTHIS, pH-1, Kid Milli and many more. 

Now go ahead and follow him on Spotify, because you never know when he’ll release his next masterpiece. 

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