Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

Hot Singles of the Week

This week’s single releases offer a delightful blend of genres, ranging from infectious bops to soul-stirring single. Prepare for a musical journey like no other..

The dynamic female rock duo 1CHU burst onto the scene with their debut single ‘PUNK HOT.’ Featuring powerhouse vocals and electrifying instrumentals, this track is guaranteed to get you rocking.

LAY released the Korean version of the single ‘Psychic’, his music never disappoints and this track is a total bop!!

Crush released the special single ‘By Your Side’ for essential, this single is nothing but feeling and beautiful vocals as we all expected. He delivered a stunning live performance for the music video and we cannot get enough of it! Check it below.

RIIZE came back with the single album ‘Impossible’, in this opportunity they went for a single mixing the best of EDM and pop, and created a total bop to hit the dance floor. 

This week turned candid with ASTRO’s JINJIN releasing the special single ‘Fly’, a duet made with Moonbin, this song hits deep in the feeling and it is a beautiful listen from start to end. 

In celebration of their 13th anniversary, Apink gifts fans with the special single ‘Wait Me There,’ a heartfelt ode that reflects on their journey together as a group.

That wraps up this week’s array of captivating singles! Let us know in the comments which track stole your heart and dominated your playlist.

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