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Actor Spotlight: Song Kang

In this week’s Actor Spotlight we are sharing the beginnings and career of the actor Song Kang. He has surprised fans with his role selection and how diverse and unique he has kept the characters he has portrayed.


Song Kang had his first role in the mini drama ‘Hello, Spring’ in 2015. This series had just four episodes and can be viewed on YouTube. In 2017, he starred in the production ‘The Liar and His Lover’ where he had a supportive role. 

Between 2017 and 2018, he played a supporting role in the drama ‘Man in the Kitchen’.

Song Kang had his debut on the big screen in 2018, with the movie ‘Beautiful Vampire’ as the main lead of the production. 

In 2019, he had a small cameo in the drama ‘Touch Your Heart’ and a supporting role in the drama ‘When the Devil Calls’.


With the Netflix production ‘Love Alarm’, Song Kang gained a lot of popularity. In this coming-of-age drama he showed a rather mysterious side with a lot of teenage angst. This drama became popular internationally and it was renewed for a second season that aired in 2021. 

Check the trailor for both seasons below.

In 2020, he starred in the Netflix adaptation of a webtoon; ‘Sweet Home’. This role had incredible character development and a lot of depth. Viewers got to see Song Kang’s talent and the versatile actor he is. Check the trailer for this show below. 

In early 2021, the drama ‘Navillera’ aired, for this drama Song Kang took ballet classes, and he did a splendid job portraying the role. This slice-of-life drama was very different from his previous roles, and definitely showed fans the extent of his talent as an actor. Watch it below.

Currently, he is working on the JTBC drama ‘Nevertheless’, set to air in 2021. 

Make sure to follow him on Instagram here, and keep an eye on this actor, we are sure we will keep seeing more from him. 

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