Photo credits: 11Degrees

Week 9: MV Rec: 11Degrees – Wave

We’re back with a new music video recommendation, this time about the single ‘Wave’ by the band 11Degrees.

‘Wave’ is part of their mini-album ‘Dive into Sea’ and it is a wonderfully crafted EP. 

In the album description they wrote this: “Dive into Sea’ is the story of ours. We’re wandering in a world that’s as enormous as the ocean, like a sailing boat.
We don’t even know where it’s heading for…
We wanted to tell those stories through this album.
A boy chasing his dreams, the wounds throughout those moments, and an endless monologue.
Can he find the answer for it?
We all have our own compass and dive into the endless sea.
Towards the light that will face us someday.” 

The music video for ‘Wave’ portrays that beautifully. The sets and the choreo carry so much emotion that by the time the bridge comes in, you’ve gone through the seven stages of grief. That bridge feels so cathartic y’all. 

Go ahead and check out the MV for ‘Wave’ by 11Degrees out here.

You can find the EP on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
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