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[Review] How to Be Thirty

In this week’s K-drama review we are sharing our thoughts about a short, but well done drama, based on the WebToon ‘Born in 1985’ by Hye-won. Let’s talk about ‘How to Be Thirty’.

The First Love

Directed by Oh Ki-hwan and starring Jung In-sun as Seo Ji-won and Kang Min-hyuk (CNBLUE) as Lee Seung-yoo. ‘How to Be Thirty’ narrates the story of a well-known WebToon artist who has achieved success.

Ji-won, after becoming well-known in her mid-twenties, has reached success in her career as a WebToon artist when one of her projects is adapted into a movie. Her life takes a surprising turn when she finds out that her first love (Seung-yoo) works in the WebToon publishing company and has been assigned to work on her project.

While working together they both start to reconnect, but Seung-yoo is not being completely honest about his feelings and his current life situation.

Thirty and thriving

Ji-won’s best friends Lee Ran-joo (Ahn Hee-yeon (Hani)) a radio presenter, and Hong Ah-young (Cha Min-ji) a restaurant owner, are two hard working and career driven women. However, their life takes a turn when an ex and an unexpected love interest shake up their life.

Ran-joo deals with changes in her work environment and works hard trying to overcome fears that trigger scars from the past. 

Ah-young has worked hard in healing from past break-ups and people who have hurt her, but some scars are still open.

These three friends support one another and have seen each other become the women they are now. They are now in their thirties and ready to take on any challenge.

Keeping it real

How to Be Thirty’ tells an adult story that might be relatable to many, the stories of the characters flow naturally, but also expect a little spark from the K-drama world.

The characters are well-written and rounded, they were very human and messed up at times, which made it a cool and interesting drama to watch. 

If you are looking for a more adult story, with female power, make sure to watch ‘How to Be Thirty’, check out the trailer below.

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