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Top 3

In this week’s Top 3 I am sharing a few of my favourite singles that came out from TV shows. Let’s start. 

Number 1: Refund Sisters – Don’t Touch Me

Refund Sisters was one of the best things that happened to the music industry last year. This legendary girl group is nothing but power and legends in one group. 

Number 2: Min Kyung Hoon X Kim Heechul – Hanryang feat. BIBI

Kyung Hoon and Heechul have some cool collabs, and this one so far is one of my favourite ones, the addition of BIBI was fantastic and the full traditional Korean music vibe just awesome. 

Number 3:Hwasa X Loco – Don’t

This song was released a couple of years ago and it became one of those singles I never get tired of. ‘Don’t’ has the vocals, the rapping and the R&B vibe I love. Check it below.

That’s it for this week, make sure to head over to our Spotify playlist for more awesome music. 

Kathleen Herrera
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