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[Time Capsule] The Rose – Sorry

We are going back to 2017 for this week’s Time Capsule featuring The Rose’s debut single ‘Sorry’.

The Rose is one of those bands with a wholesome beginning. These guys went from busking to becoming more mainstream. They deserve every single bit of praise for their hard work. If you want to find out more about them head over to our episode of DisKovery With a K dedicated to them.

Their debut single ‘Sorry’ became one of those timeless singles that hold a special place in fans’ hearts with its beautiful lyrics and incredible music. The music video follows the same sentimental feel of this song, and it is full of emotions and perfect aesthetics in every second of it. 

If you want to go deep into the feels check the translation of this single here, and make sure to check the music video below. 

You can also add this single to your Spotify playlist via this link

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