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[Review] PIXY – Fairyforest: Temptation

Our favourite fairy group PIXY is back with the new EP ‘Fairyforest : Temptation‘. The universe and concept created for this group are beyond imagination and they have been surprising fans since their debut earlier this year with ‘Wings‘.

The world building and visuals have been absolutely amazing and we are looking forward to see where the story is heading to with this EP. Let’s check the music!

Fairyforest: Temptation

Intro (End of the forest)‘ starts off this release on a very dramatic and thrilling note. The music build up in this track is fabulous and it kinda feels like an album highlight. The expectation for the rest of the tracks are high! Check the visualizer below.

Starting on a hip-hop note, the title track ‘Addicted‘ is next with an insanely good style! PIXY’s rap-line is amazing and had me very surprised. This song was the perfect selection for title track, it really keeps listeners on edge with its flow and sudden changes.

The music video for this single has extremely good special effects and had me shook with its dark aesthetics. The concept is fantastic and suit the storyline and concept of this release making it even more interesting. Watch it below!

Bewitched‘ is next on the list and what a track. The vocals in this song are insane, its EDM/R&B tempo is super interesting and a bit dramatic, but it works flawlessly with the style they went for with this single. The ad-libs for this track and the harmonization are SMOOTH!

We go onto a smoother sound with ‘Moonlight‘, this song is super chill and the vocals are very soft and melodic. ‘Still with me (To. Winxy)‘ is next, and this ballad is dedicated to Winxy, get ready for a lot of beautiful instrumentals, singing and a lot of emotion.

Closing the mini-album are the English versions of ‘Bewitched’ and ‘Moonlight’; and the instrumental versions of ‘Bewitched’ and ‘Addict’.

PIXY once again surprised us with cool music, a unique style and a lot of talent. You can listen to this release here.

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