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Fall 2021: Fashion trends

The heat of the summer is gone and layering, scarfs and boots are back in the fashion game! For this week’s article we are sharing the latest fashion and make up trends we have noticed in our favourite artists’ Insta feed. 

Expect a lot of nude colours and more natural make-up. This fall season is all about being comfy and enjoying lattes. Get ready for some dope recommendations and the best of all is that you are likely to own most of these items already. Let’s start.


Layering is one of my favourite things when it comes to fall fashion. One of the latest trends are blouses on turtlenecks and blouses with vests. Easy to match with jeans or skirts this trend is by far one of my favourite ones. Cosy and stylish. 

Cropped Jackets are a new item and I am in love with them. You don’t just look stylish but also cozy. These jackets have a casual and smart look perfect for going on dinners or even a little date at a coffee shop.

Knit vests are having a comeback, and these are just super warm and give off a cute look. The options are unlimited with this item, and you can match it with both street and casual looks. 

The seasonal favourite ‘cardigans’ are back and we all know fantastic this item is for the season weather change. Perfect for jeans, skirts and even shorts, cardigans are a must have for the fall season. 

Other pieces that have become a staple are Trench Coats, and this is a comeback many have been looking forward to. 


Midi-skirts and checked ones are on the fall radar, and they really give a very cute and stylish look. However what I love the most about these two items is that they are inclusive to different body types, add to that the pleated version and we will all be rocking the fashion game. 

Wide pants must be one of the most comfy clothing items in this list. They look super cool, and depending on the fabric and style you might be in for a casual, elegant or just comfortable look. 

Stay tuned for more recommendations, and remember that being comfy and warm is a must this season!

Kathleen Herrera
K-Beauty enthusiast, Drama Lover, Melophile and Foodie, writing about her faves on a daily basis.