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[Review] Solar – COLOURS

Our girl Solar is back with her new mini-album ‘COLOURS’. We’re super stoked because we’ve been heavily anticipating this comeback.


We start off with the opening track ‘Colors’ of which she dropped this little teaser two weeks ago. I’m really digging this full track with its House vibe, its high club potential and just major bop mood. This is fun, powerful and camp.

Next up is the tite track ‘But I’ which starts off as an R&B ballad but then suddenly flips into a pop rock track. It’s a bit disconcerting in the beginning, but once you get used to it, it’s kind of a vibe.

‘Empty’ is a pop ballad Solar wrote and composed when she was feeling sentimental and lonely. This track was given to fans a couple of years back, but was officially added to this release.

Next up is ‘Honey honey’. This is a really lovely R&B track with some jazzy instrumentation in the bridge and it’s a delight. I like the strings added to the backing track, together with the funky synths. Solar shines on this track!

‘Easy Peasy’ is a children’s folk story in which Solar wants to “convey calm comfort to the many people who are having a hard time yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” It’s adorable, wholesome and sweet.

The closing track is ‘Blues’ which starts with a sick beat and a cool sample. This is such a sick track! It’s sexy, bluesy, and groovy as hell. It’s dramatic and begs for a live cabaret video. When the guitars came in, I just couldn’t listen to that with a straight face. 10/10!

Overall, Solar did a fantastic job with ‘COLOURS’. Go listen to it here.

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