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[R&B Gem] Colde

Colde is our feature in this week’s R&B Gem, since 2018 he has been out there releasing magnificent songs that have made us tear up, but his journey started before that.

Colde debuted in 2016 as part of the duo OffOnOff under HIGHGRND along with 0Channel, this duo did nothing but release amazing songs that offer comfort and feel like a warm hug on a cold day. Below are a few of my personal favourites.

The debut single ‘bath’, just because it is freaking amazing. 

Photograph’ is lyrically and musically stunning, this song is comfort for the heart in those days when we feel the blues. Part of the lyrics go as:

“(…)Even if my eyes are closed
it’s as if everything gets clearer
when the night looks for the sun again
the memories come to me(…)” 

Lyrics: kor-translations

Cigarette’ featuring Tablo from Epik High and MISO. This song is part of the album ‘boy’ by OffOnOff. A Masterpiece. 

Dance’ is a chill tune with a stunning music arrangement and a somewhat organic music video.  


In 2018 Colde was part of the variety show “Breakers“, this program featured eight musicians with composing writing and singing skills, the cast included well-known names in the music industry including Samuel Seo, Penomeco, Pentagon’s Hui, and many more.

Check below a few of his performances including my ultimate favourite ‘Your Dog Loves You’ and his cover for the BTS song ‘DNA’.


After the success of “Breakers”, Colde debuted as a solo artist with the album ‘Wave’ and also created the independent label Wavy. Which is now the house of the talents Khakki, Ahn Byeong-woong, Apro, and others. 

This album was followed in 2019 by the EP ‘Love Part 1’, this album is a complete masterpiece with incredible music and a very soft and heartwarming concept. Below you can watch the music video for his title track ‘I fxxking love you’.

My ultimate favourite by Colde is ‘Endless Love’ because this song has the power of calming thoughts and soothing heart aches. 

Recent Works

Towards the end of 2019, Colde released the single ‘Control Me’ , with his distinguishable chill delivery and cool vibes.

During 2020 he was part of a couple of OST’s for the dramas ‘Backstreet Rookie’ and ‘Eccentric! Chef Moon’. 

You can check out OffOnOff spotify profile here, and Colde’s profile here.

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