Rapper in the Spotlight: Lee Young Ji

Today we are back with a brand new Rapper In The Spotlight and this time it’s a rookie that just debuted in 2019, and with her being seventeen she made history with her talent!

High School Rapper

Lee Young Ji came in the spotlight after participating in High School Rapper 3 in 2019. Since the very first episode, everyone was astonished by her talent, just take a look at the cypher from the first episode.

In her solo in the third episode, her rap was heartbreaking and shocked many of the judges and competitors with her flow and very unique style. She had been rapping for about 6 months when she started in the show. Natural Talent!

A winner

Lee Young Ji, became the first female rapper winning a hip-hop survival show like High School Rapper. Her last stage was together with Changmo and The Quiett. Check it out below.

In the lyrics she thanks everyone that helped her in her journey throughout the show. They go like this:

“(…) I’ll give you back as much as I received
I don’t forget, I finally believed in myself
Thank you all
Gotta go up
Yeah we gotta go up
Now the light falls and slowly go up
I hope everyone will stand at the top (…)”


After winning the show, she signed under the agency Mainstream and made her official debut with the song ‘Dark Room’. Take a look.

We hope to hear more from this promising young artist, her talent is incredible and we cannot wait for more of her music. 

In the meanwhile, check out all of her releases and follow her on Instagram @youngji_02.

Kathleen Herrera
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