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[Review] Jeon Soyeon – Windy

(G)I-DLE’s leader Jeon Soyeon released her first solo EP titled ‘Windy‘ today. We all know her from her fantastic rapping and writing skills. Soyeon is crazy talented and we are looking forward to listen to this EP.

Let’s dive in.


We start off with the title track ‘BEAM BEAM‘, Soyeon brought a summer bop with a fun and upbeat tempo, and it is just super cool. I really liked the musical arrangement and how the song will keep the listeners hyped from start to end.

The music video as the song has the summer feel and colors, it is super cute, and it even includes a little cameo by Lee Young Ji. Watch it below.

Weather‘ is next with a lot of smoothness and a bit of a sexy feel in it with the vocals. I really liked what she went for in this track. It is new to her discography and this style really suits her.

Deep bass and Soyeon’s killer rapping are present in the track ‘Quit‘, this song flows effortlessly with its EDM backing track, and it is a very cool listen.

Psycho‘ is up next with a rather darker vibe, I loved the musical arrangement in this song and how Soyeon killed it with her verses. This song had a powerful energy that I really dig.

Featuring Bibi and Lee Young Ji we get the last track ‘Is this bad b****** number?‘, this song goes off and I am here for it, this trio is an explosive combination and I LOVED IT (Ps. We need a music video for this track).

Jeon Soyeon did an incredible job with this EP ‘Windy’. It is a non-skip full of awesome tracks. Make sure to listen to it here.

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