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Rapper In The Spotlight: CHEETAH

Kim Eun-young aka CHEETAH is a South Korean rapper, she started off as a part of the Hip-Hop duo Blacklist in 2010. This duet released a couple of singles before disbanding. Below you can watch the music video for the song ‘Stop (Money Can’t Buy Me Love)’.

In 2012 she became part of the Hip-Hop duo Masterpiece along with Crush. However, this duo disbanded shortly after their debut. They released the single ‘Rollercoaster’, check their performance below.

Unpretty Rapstar

She participated in the first season of the Hip-Hop show ‘Show Me The Money’, along with well-known rapper Loco. Below you can watch her team performance which had the singer Lee Hyori as leader.

In 2014, CHEETAH released her first single album called ‘CHEETAH ITSELF’, this release included the single ‘100Km’, ‘Hope’ featuring Morra and ‘Crazy Diamond’.

CHEETAH gained a lot of attention after her participation in ‘Unpretty Rapstar’, where she competed against rappers like Jessi, among many other female underground rappers. She became the winner of the first season of this show, and left us with some legendary performances, check them below.

After winning the competition, she released the single ‘My Number’ and ‘Star Wars’. 

In 2016, she became part of the producer teams for the show ‘Tribe of Hip Hop’ in seasons 1 and 2, and she was a mentor for ‘Produce 101’. That same year she released the single ‘Not Today’.

The next year, she released the singles ‘Style Diet’ and ‘Blurred Line’ featuring HANHAE, and joined Ali for the collab ‘Don’t Speak’.

Studio Album and New agency

In 2018, CHEETAH released the single ‘Stagger’ and her first studio album titled ‘28 Identity’.

The title track for her studio album was the single ‘I’ll Be There’, she also released the music video for the track ‘Bumpkins’ featuring MINOS. Watch the MVs below.

In 2019, CHEETAH came back with the single ‘Flight’ featuring Chaboom. 

Eun-young left C9 Entertainment and signed under the newly established agency Ceuda Entertainment in 2020. That same year she starred in the movie ‘Jazzy Misfits’ and released her first EP under the same name as the movie.

This production was her first lead role in a movie. You can check the trailer here

Later on that year she joined the Mnet show ‘Good Girl’ along with well-known singers and rappers Jamie, SLEEQ, SNSD’s HYOYEON, Lee Young-ji and more.

Check below a few of her performances.

Later that year, she released the single ‘So Sorry’.

This year CHEETAH’s released the single ‘Villain’ featuring JAMIE, check the music video below. 

Eun-young is a rapper that deserves a lot more attention, her music is amazing, and she has some gems in her discography that are just begging to be discovered. Check her Spotify profile and get ready for some killer tunes. 

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