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K-Drama Review: Ms. Hammurabi

This time for our K-Drama review we’re writing about ‘Ms. Hammurabi’, a JTBC production currently available for streaming at Netflix.

‘Ms. Hammurabi’ is a sixteen episode legal drama and if we had a grading system here at M.E.A.L. I’d give it ten out of ten. It’s amazing.

‘Ms. Hammurabi’ is based on the novel written by Moon Yoo-seok who adapted it to a screenplay as well. Moon Yoo-seok is a real life judge who has been working for more than 20 years at court. He has written other novels as well. 

I think this definitely is the reason why the entire story felt so real. The focus on the cases taken on by Judge Park, Judge Im and Presiding Judge Han are on the smaller scale. But even though they’re not dealing with serial killers or giant corporations, the stories still hit home. 

There’s a human look on sexual harassment, power abuse and even alcoholism and drug abuse by minors. The three main characters all are vastly different, with their own baggage that life has given them and it completely changes their view. They have to abide by the law, but even though they’re judges, they’re not without their human side.

The Judges

Judge Park is portrayed by the extremely talented Go Ara. I found that she has an extremely captivating screen presence. Her character is a go-getter, she stands up for the little guy and isn’t afraid to ring the alarm bell to expose wrong behavior.

Judge Im is the rather stone faced, by the book character played by Kim Myung-soo. His dimple should be made illegal because it’s too powerful to handle. He did an excellent job!

Lastly we have Presiding Judge Han played by Sung Dong-il. A rather short tempered judge with tons of experience who is teaching judge Park and judge Han how to be a good judge.

I have to say that I thought that all of the cast did an incredible job. Every character had their own story and it was amazing how everything was tied together. I laughed and I cried.

Definitely check out the trailer;

Also take a look at the OST of the K-drama ‘Ms. Hammurabi’ because just WOW.

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