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K-pop Releases This Week

We’ve listed all the K-pop releases that are happening this week. It’s not a whole lot this week, but that’s okay, because it’s all going to be quality content. 


Zico will be dropping his single ‘Anysong’. If this teaser picture isn’t promising, I don’t know what is.


Jae-Joong, one of the former members of TVXQ! and current member of JYJ is releasing his second solo EP.

The rookie group 2Z is dropping their debut EP. You guys! It’s a band! I’m already stanning because we need more bands in our lives. Go check out their YouTube account.


Taeyeon is releasing a repackaged version of her album ‘Purpose’. And bless her, because there will be four new songs on it. If you want to read our review about ‘Purpose’, click here


Mamamoo’s Solar will be dropping a collab with Kassy!! Just look at this stunning teaser picture.


BTS will be dropping their first single, as of right now it’s unnamed but I’m already counting down the days. If it’s as good as ‘Shadow’ I know I’m gonna be as useless as I was on the day that was released. I was having a fangirl moment. (read the entire afternoon)

That’s it for this week’s K-pop Releases.

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