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BIG Naughty is back with his digital single album ‘”SIKE”!’

BIG Naughty dropped the digital single album ‘“SIKE”!‘, including the tracks ‘Shake it off!‘, ‘$$$‘ and ‘5 Gawd Remix‘.

This release begins with the track ‘Shake it off!‘, featuring M1NU, Veinyfl, Swervy, Layone, Lee Yoon Ji, Lil Nekh and D.Ark. Going off to show the amazing talent of the new generation of hip-hop artists, this track has some very impressive rap delivery and a killing flow, Hip-Hop at its best.

Check their ‘DF LIVE’ performance below.

Featuring Kid Milli, ‘$$$‘ comes next, the verse delivery in this track is INSANE. This duo is just spitting FIRE in every second of this track. The change of beat and tempo in the middle was incredible, unexpected but amazing. (*Chef’s Kiss*)

Last on this digital release is ‘5 Gawd Remix‘ finishing it with fantastic rapping, and an old school Hip-Hop beat that had me hyped up in every second of this track.

BIG Naughty is out there surprising everyone with his insane talent, make sure to check our review for his previous release, and you can listen to this digital single album here.

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