Photo credit: Magic Strawberry Sound

Mv Rec: CHEEZE – Today’s Mood

We’re back with a new MV Rec, this time with the delightful CHEEZE and her music video for ‘Today’s Mood’.

CHEEZE is a wonderful singer and you can read more about here in this Indie Pick. For this Mv Rec, I wanted to highlight the fun video for ‘Today’s Mood’.

I love the meaning of the track and how well they implemented the undertones. Our student has a bad day and decides to pause time to go on an adventure. And just by having a moment to breathe and go for a walk, her mood is lifted and she feels ready to handle the day. 

It’s a great music video, with awesome set design and a great cinematography. 

Watch it below.

You can find the single ‘Today’s Mood’ by CHEEZE on Spotify here.