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[Review] Moon Byul – 6equence

Moomoos around the world are celebrating the release of Moon Byul’s third mini-album ‘6equence’ after more than a year of waiting. She has been dropping pre-release tracks over the last couple of months and we are impressed with the music she is been working on.

Moon Byul has kept her solo music unique and she has created an identity as a soloist. We don’t know what to expect with ‘6equence‘, but we are sure it will be good. Let’s dive in.


Intro: SYNOPSIS‘ was released as part of the first trailer for this EP. This intro track is smooth and Moon Byul’s singing and rapping blend for this track is absolutely captivating. If you didn’t watch it, check it below.

The pre-released tracks ‘G999‘ featuring Mirani and ‘Shutdown‘ featuring Seori, come up next, we have already dedicated full reviews for these singles. However, you can watch the music videos below.

The title track ‘LUNATIC‘ follows up and with this single Moon Byul went for a more dance pop style, with a up-beat track that will have jamming to this song. This single had me hyped up, the rapping section is neat and the changes of beats are super good.

For the music video, we see Moon Byul showing off amazing dance moves along with the member of Hook’s dance crew from ‘Street Woman Fighter’, and being the goddess she is. This MV is fun and effortlessly good, check it below.

With a melancholic guitar riff ‘For Me‘ begins. This R&B single is full of feelings and emotions. The melodic rapping and singing in this song is absolutely beautiful to listen to. If you want to listen a song to get into your feels this is the right one.

Ddu ddu ddu‘ continues on with the emotional ride with lovely instrumentation and really good vocals. This song is super cool and its rock-ish vibe is just fantastic. Last on this EP is the english version of the title track, ending this mini-album in a very cool and up-beat note.

Moon Byul once again surprised us with ‘6equence’, she is really out there testing new sounds and styles, and she delivered a solid mini-album. Listen to it here.

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