Photo Credits: WAVY


For this week’s MV Rec we are talking about a visual production with incredible effects, camera work and abstract storytelling. Let’s dive into APRO’s music video for the single ‘ENTER’.

ENTER’ featuring Tabber was originally released in 2020, however, the visuals of this music video are still relevant, striking and a total experience to watch. Starting off, this MV takes viewers in what seems to be a sterile, minimalistic and cold room that could be part of a contemporary exhibition. 

At the end of this room, pieces of art are projected, and as they switch more people come into the room, to dive in the experience and be part of the story. The camera focuses on some part of the people’s faces and silhouettes, creating a fantastic contrast in this music video and making it even more interesting and unique to watch. 

This music video brings modern visual art and mixes it with music, and it does it in a very smart and smooth way. If you haven’t watched it, check it below. 

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