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Rapper In The Spotlight: Tabber

This time for our Rapper in the Spotlight, we are talking about a rapper who has been steadily growing his fan base and listeners with his music and amazing sound. Let’s dive into Tabber’s career. 

Kim Hyun-joon (aka. Tabber) had his solo debut in 2020 under the label you.will.knovv. His first release was the EP ‘Deep End Mix Tape’ but before his debut release he had already collaborated with well known artists including Punchnello, DEAN and APRO. 

Show Me The Money 10

After a very successful debut year, Tabber came back in 2021 with the single ‘Electric Animal’ featuring Keyon Christ. 

This same year he also participated in the ‘Show Me The Money’ for its tenth season. For this installment of the popular survival show,  he ended in eleventh place, and left behind awesome stages. Check them below.

Along with Northfacegawd, EXN, Oygli and Kwon ki-Baek, he released the special collaborative album ‘THE:RISE’ for HIPHOPLE.

His latest solo release was the special single ‘007’ featuring SYD for Dingo FreeStyle. 

Tabber’s duality is one of a kind! His rapping style and singing abilities make his music a ride to listen to. Make sure to check it out here, and check his Instagram for updates and plenty of aesthetics. 

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