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DisKovery with a K – EP5: Brown Eyed Girls

Welcome to DisKovery With A K! We have a new episode with more great stuff ready for you. 

This time we’re chatting about the second generation icons Brown Eyed Girls! There’s so much great music to discover. 

Go watch the video to learn more about these really talented artists and let us know what you think! 

DisKovery with a K – Season 2 – EP5

Tell us your favorite song, we’re curious. 

If you have an artist you’d like us to feature next, tell us in the comments. We’re always up to discovering new singers!

Essential Songs:

As Brown Eyed Girls:

Kill Bill
Sixth Sense
Warm Hole
Wonder Woman

Solo releases:

MIRYO ft Giantpink – rock paper scissors
JeA ft Cheetah – Dear. Rude
Narsha – Biribaba
GAIN – Paradise Lost

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