Photo Credits: KMENT

Hot Singles of the Week

KPOP had a rather quite week with only a handful of comebacks. Nevertheless we want to share the couple of releases that definitely rocked the week!

Starting off the week, we had the one and only DAESUNG coming back for the first time in years, with the single ‘Falling Slowly’. This lovely ballad is all about the feels and its music video includes the participation of K-Drama stars Kim Seon-ho and Moon Ka Young.

ICHILLIN’ came back with the release ‘Feelin’ Hot‘, including the pre-released single ‘DEMIGOD’, and the 2024 version of their single ‘La Luna’. The title track, ‘ON MY LIPS‘, is definitely a contrast to their pre-released single, showing a more cutesy but strong side of this group.

That’s a wrap for this week, let us know in comments below which one was your favourite release of the week.

Kathleen Herrera
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