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In this edition of our R&B Gem series, we’re shining a spotlight on PRSNT, a dynamic co-ed trio that has been making waves in the electronica R&B scene since 2019. Let’s delve into their captivating journey.

PRSNT consists of Jenyer, mOnSteR n0.9, and Allzwell, and they made their official debut in 2019 with the mesmerizing single “I Feel, You Feel, We Feel,” released under Drift Entertainment. This debut track set the stage for their unique blend of electronica and future bass influences, captivating listeners with its distinct sound.

Their momentum continued with the release of “Face Time” later that year under the agency BIXIZ XOUND, further solidifying their presence in the indie R&B scene.

PRSNT’s musical journey unfolded with a series of singles leading up to the release of their debut EP, “Crazy Driver,” in 2022. This EP showcased their versatility and innovation, captivating audiences with their distinctive sound.

Continuing their musical exploration, PRSNT treated fans to singles like “Summer Vacation” and “We’re Just a Grain of Sand” in 2022, further showcasing their dynamic range and emotive lyricism.

Their latest releases, including “La Vida Loca,” “Where Are You From,” and “Chameleon,” continue to captivate fans in the indie scene with their infectious beats and melodies, solidifying PRSNT’s position as a rising act in the R&B landscape.

As PRSNT continues to evolve and mesmerise listeners with their captivating sound, be sure to keep an eye on this rising trio for more electrifying releases. Share your favourite PRSNT tracks in the comments below!