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Actor Spotlight: Hwang In-Yeop

Let’s dive into the career of a one of a kind actor, who succeeded in the industry after just a couple of years. This week’s Actor Spotlight is about Hwang In Youp.

Born in 1991, Hwang In Youp started off in the entertainment industry as a model in 2017. In 2018, he landed his first main role in the web-drama ‘W.H.Y’. You can check the first episode below. 

In 2019, he was casted for the web-series ‘Freshman’, and made his TV debut in the KBS2 historical drama ‘The Tale of Nokdu’. For his first two roles, In-Youp had more youthful, carefree characters. However, for the KBS production he took on a role that showed a completely different side of his acting skills and performance. Check the trailer below. 

Rise to Spotlight 

In 2020, In-Yeop started to get recognition for his acting skills after his participation in the drama ‘18 Again’. He definitely solidified his acting career after his participation in the hit series ‘True Beauty‘.

For ‘18 Again’ he once again took on a role that required a lot of teenage angst and rather problematic behaviour. The character’s development in this production let Hwan In-Yeop’s acting shine. 

The drama ‘True Beauty’ became a global hit, and also left some epic scenes with In-Yeop, in this drama he did not only show his fantastic acting skills but also the great singer he is. Check a few highlights below. 

He is set to participate in the Netflix production ‘The Sound of Music’ along with Ji Chang-wook, and is confirmed to be the lead of the upcoming drama ‘Why Oh Soo-jae’.

Hwang In-Yeop is undoubtedly very talented and we are set to see more of his works in the following year. Make sure to follow him on Instagram for cute pics and updates. 

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