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Actor Spotlight: Ahn Eun-Jin

Ahn Eun-Jin is this week’s Actor Spotlight, she has definitely caught our attention with her latest roles and her very bubbly and sweet characters. Let’s dive into her career.

Eun-Jin’s career started in theater, she has been active since 2011 and has many productions, musicals, and a few indie movies during her early acting days under her belt. Her debut on the small screen however was in 2018 with the drama ‘Life’ with a guest role. 

Her next project was in 2019, in the popular drama ‘The Crown Clown’, in which she had a supporting role. This same year she also participated in the Netflix hit series ‘Kingdom’, ‘Possessed’, ‘My Fellow Citizens!’, ‘Stranger from Hell’, and ‘Diary of a prosecutor’. 

2020 was an important year for her career, she participated in the hit drama ‘Hospital Playlist’, the second season of ‘Kingdom’ and got her first main role in the production ‘More Than Friends’.

With such a diverse portfolio, it is not surprising that her career kept thriving the following years, just in 2021, she participated in four productions including ‘Dark Hole’, ‘Hospital Playlist 2’, ‘The Witch’s Diner’ and ‘The One and Only’. 

In 2022 she returned to cinema, but this time with the period movie ‘The Night Owl’. Her latest work is the JTBC/Netflix production ‘The Good Bad Mother’. 

Ahn Eun Jin has without a doubt solidified her status in the acting industry, and we can see her take lead roles in her upcoming works. For cute pics, aesthetics and updates, make sure to follow her on Instagram

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