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[Review] The Good Bad Mother

In this week’s K-Drama review we are talking about another slice-of-life, feel-good production that had us on the edge of our seats week by week. Let’s talk about the JTBC drama ‘The Good Bad Mother’.

Written by Bae Se-Young and directed by Sim Na-Yeon, ‘The Good Bad Mother’ tells the story of a single mother who runs a pig farm, and will do whatever it takes to make her son a successful prosecutor, even if that means becoming a bad mother. 

Young-Soon (Ra Mi-Ran) has only one wish in her life, making sure her son never has to meet the unfortunate fate her and her deceased husband had for not having connections or power to make things right and have justice on their side. 

After her unfortunate loss, she focused herself during her pregnancy to begin the pig farm she ran with her husband once again, and decided to move to a small village to raise her son and settle her business. 

Success and revenge

Kang-Ho (Lee Do-Hyun) is now an adult and a successful prosecutor, during his formative years he despised his mother and her ways of doing things. He is a successful prosecutor now, with a lot of connections, and no time to waste.

He decides to cut all ties with his mother, however, on the same day he made her sign the paper to drop his last name and have no more connection with her, he gets into a tragic car accident that leaves him in coma. 

Young-Soon is next to her son waiting for him to wake up and help him get through this difficult moment of his life, however, this becomes a challenge when Kang-Ho wakes up and is back to his 7-year-old self. 

Now with her son at home, Young-Soon does what she can to help Kang-Ho go back to his old self. In the process however, she finds out the heavy scars her son carries, discovering the heavy burden he has been carrying all these years, and how he dropped the thought of being happy with the people he loved to seek justice and revenge.

Timeless Love

Back in the village, Kang-Ho is back as his seven-year-old self, discovering the world, and trying to make sense of everything while being in a wheelchair. He soon bonds with the twins living near his house, who are the son and daughter of his childhood friend Lee Mi-Joo (Ahn Eun-Jin) he doesn’t remember yet.

Looking at Mi-Joo triggers emotions in Kang-Ho, and he cannot control the need of meeting her everytime time he has the chance. She tries to keep her distance from him but he finds ways to meet her again. 

Good Mother

The Good Bad Mother’ is a drama about unconditional love, shown in many forms. Viewers get to watch different family dynamics, and how all of them good or bad are focused on having each other’s backs.

The way the community is shown in this drama was also very interesting, highlighting the pros and cons, from a candid perspective. The comedic aspect of this production made it a very cute watch, with intriguing storylines, plot-twist, and overall a lot of love.

Watch the trailer below.

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