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[WebToon] Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell

It’s time~ “Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell” by unfins is finally completed; Join me in reading the hilarious, weird and often straight-up messed up adventures of Paul in his quest for a date. You can read the whole series here.

Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell

Paul is just your below-average, everyday teenager who can’t get a date. A lesser (read: normal) person might try to ask their friends, or family, for advice. Hell, maybe even go online and try ask on Reddit. Not Paul. Those plans were too basic for this dude. Instead, Paul decided to summon an all-powerful demon from the depths Hell. Frankly, at this point, he’s just hoping for the best.

Need I say more? If you want, here’s the official trailer from Webtoon:

The verdict

Where to start? This series is certifiably insane. The combination of the artstyle and the off-beat, deadpan humour makes for an endlessly memeable combination. It just does not let up. Not to say that there’s no plot – this is not just a series of the hilarious misadventures of Paul and Astaroth. Okay, it’s mostly that, but the plot does move forward and there’s a number of shocking developments. And yes, this does include an explanation as to why a teenager was able to casually summon a Duke of Hell.

Going in I expected a very casual read, but I ended up getting far more involved with the plot. Overall, ‘Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell‘ is an easy recommendation for everyone, unless you specifically are not into this brand of humour.

Now is the perfect time to binge! All 131 episodes are up and available on Webtoon. Before this goes onto the Daily Pass system and becomes a pain, it’s a great chance to read the whole thing. (Pro-tip: you can download all the episodes in the app, they stay available for 30 days.)

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